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154 -158 Main Road, Walhalla



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Key features

  • Open Fire Place
  • Water Tank

Here lies a golden opportunity to purchase your own piece of history in the township of Walhalla which is situated approximately 50km North East of Moe in the Stringers Creek Valley at the southern end of the Great Dividing Range.
Consisting of three titles over approximately 711sqm of land and boasting one of only 10 surviving original cottages, Phillips Cottage, 154-158 Main Road Walhalla will transport you, back through time, to the goldrush era.
Whilst 154 is a vacant allotment, 156, Phillips Cottage is one of the town’s original cottages, constructed prior to 1868. Primarily, locally sourced materials were used to construct this two bedroom dwelling, which is absolutely loaded with character. A formal lounge with a fireplace, parquetry flooring and tall windows creates the perfect place to congregate and cosy up on a chilly night. The timber kitchen offers the modern conveniences of gas cooking with a casual dining area and second sitting room with beautiful, vaulted timber ceilings. Walk through a small study to the fully serviced bathroom.
Cottage number two, at 158 Main Road, is of open plan design with a central kitchen and dining space with a lounge beside the solid fuel heater and bed located at the opposite end. Two lofts at either end of the cottage provide alternate, storage or sleeping options as required and a bathroom, for convenience, at the rear. Power is connected to 156 and services both cottages.
These quaint cottages are surrounded by delightful gardens which offer privacy for the seating areas at the front, yet still allow a view to the main road. The present owners have connected the properties by a pathway and you’ll discover several trails behind the dwellings leading up to more sitting areas to take in the stunning natural surroundings.
To be sold as one, 154-158 is merely a 250m walk to the centre of the township and approximately 4.5km from the Thompson River. This is an opportunity not to be missed and an inspection here is a must to fully appreciate this truly unique property. Call our office to book an inspection.