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148 Main Road, Walhalla



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Key features

  • Deck
  • Outdoor Ent
  • Water Tank

An Historic Getaway With Modern Convenience
Over three parcels of land in the Historic township of Walhalla, ‘The Shack’ is the perfect opportunity to secure a piece of Victorian Goldrush history. Walhalla, a gold mining community settled in the mid 1800’s, lies approximately 185km south east of Melbourne and approximately 50km north east of the township of Moe. Surrounded by stunning natural bush and perched along side Coopers Creek, it is now a popular tourist destination and a highly desired location for weekend getaways.
‘The Shack’ has a rustic outward appearance that blends in with the natural landscape but step through the door and be wowed by the level of convenience this property has to offer. Climb the stairs from the off-street parking and walk into a delightful living space with polished floorboards, to maintain the ‘at-one-with-nature’ feel, where you can sit back and relax by the solid fuel heater.
Corrugated iron walls, that lends this property a distinctly ‘Aussie’ feel, surround the serviceable timber kitchen with electric cooking with space for a small dining table. The cleverly designed bathroom offers plenty of room to move and a unique showering experience! Two bedrooms are available to retire to after a night enjoying homecooked pizzas in the pizza oven and surveying the activities of the Walhalla Main Road, while enjoying a beverage from the elevated, sunny deck.
The adjoining vacant allotments give you plenty of room to park extra vehicles, camping space for extra guests, or STCA a dwelling in the future if so desired.
This property is ready to occupy with very little to do here except to sit back and enjoy your surroundings. For your private inspection, call our office today.