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106 Thalloo Road, Thalloo



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Key features

  • Air Conditioning
  • Builtin Robes
  • Open Fire Place
  • Water Tank

Imagine driving home along a quiet road. You arrive at your lush, ten-acre property, abundant with established trees and native plants. You sit and watch the king parrots and rosellas and their wistful play from one of several, quiet spaces in a cleverly designed garden.
The scent of blossom from various fruit trees lingers on the warm breeze as the sun lowers over the eucalypt covered hills in the west and you ask yourself….’Could I get much closer to heaven?’
While you ponder, you continue on to your lovingly renovated split level home. Once again, great care has been taken to create a symbiotic feel- to keep you connected to the outdoors-even when inside.
Timber bench tops adorn the modern kitchen with bottled gas cooking, dish washer and a huge walk in pantry to store your preserved goods from the orchard.
Large windows in the generous living space, draw the outside in and allow 180 degree views of your domain. All climate controlled by a solid fuel heater and split system.
Your master bedroom has a walk-in robe and ensuite with a double vanity and walk in shower-all in stunning natural tones.
For the family or guests, the remaining three bedrooms have built in desks and robes and all four bedrooms have television connections.
The main bathroom is beautifully appointed, with floor to ceiling tiles, separate shower and bath to relax in at the end of your day.
You can’t believe your luck, having stumbled across this place, as properties in Thalloo are so very tightly held.
Aren’t you glad you made a call to John Kerr Real Estate when you first saw this listed?